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EU Procurement

EU Procurement

Gavin Paton, EU Procurement
Whether you are a buyer or a bidder, our specialist EU procurement lawyers can guide you through the minefield of EU procurement law. We get to grips with what is important to you - we are straightforward and deliver commercial and workable solutions.

At the forefront of innovative developments in procurement law, we regularly create cutting edge procurement legal structures to facilitate projects, collaboration and shared services.


We see our job as working with you to make your procurement processes as robust – and challenge free – as possible.

Nobody wants to have to re-issue tender documents and deal with the inefficiencies and loss of credibility which that entails. From the start, we work on getting your OJEU contract notice and PQQ right, building in transparent selection and award procedures and making the process smooth and efficient.

When challenges do arise, we work with you to review the process and assess the merits of the claim. We’re there to make sense of the rules, offer advice and guidance and provide essential reassurance.

Our EU procurement team includes highly experienced dispute resolution lawyers who can provide advice on how to:

  • avoid a challenge resulting in litigation
  • respond to a challenge prior to litigation
  • co-ordinate the approach of your procurement and FOI teams
  • make best use of legal privilege


We are fully aware of the significant costs of bidding for contracts from contracting authorities and utilities - and the implications it can have for your business when unsuccessful.

Contracting authorities and utilities have to comply with strict rules when preparing tender documents and running the tender process. The rules are designed to ensure that the authority follows a transparent process and that all bidders capable of doing the job are given an equal opportunity.

Our highly regarded procurement team will assess whether there has been a breach and what options are available. We have had a number of notable successes where clients have won valuable contracts following our intervention. We never forget that in bringing a challenge, it is because you want to work with a contracting authority for a number of years. Our approach, which is to minimise the reputational and relationship damage of bringing a challenge, is very much appreciated by our clients.