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It’s important to play by the rules.

The UK has some of the most far-reaching regulations to combat bribery and corruption.

This places an onus on businesses to take active steps to comply with the law and to ensure they have in place adequate procedures to protect against bribery or corruption in the workplace.

If you're trading internationally, there are yet further compliance obligations under the sanctions and export control regimes.

Breaches risk not only financial penalties but also the potential personal liability of an organisation’s officers and directors and untold reputational damage.

We have an experienced team of compliance and regulatory lawyers who can help you with all of your compliance requirements.

How can our compliance and regulatory lawyers support you?

  • We'll ensure that all of your contracting arrangements best mitigate against the risk to your business; from your employees to your customers and suppliers or to your agents and distributors.
  • Our experience has been developed through work in many different countries and we can help you with all of your international compliance requirements in whichever location you do business.

Different businesses have different needs and we'll assist you in implementing procedures that are proportionate to you and your market.

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