Our ESG Roadmap

Like many businesses, we are on a journey to improve the sustainability of our business, underpinned by our ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Over the last few years, we have undertaken a number of initiatives across a wide range of issues, all of which are now considered to be ESG.

These range from our numerous respect & inclusion initiatives (including the first dedicated wellbeing & inclusion manager in Scotland) at one end to our information accreditation ISO 27001 at the other.

Our focus now is on embedding ESG even more into our culture and our DNA. It’s who we are - not simply an action list.

We’re committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, initially focusing on three key goals:

We will report progress against these on an annual basis, and will continue to strive to improve in all aspects of our business.

You can find out more about what we're doing to fulfil our commitment to Respect & Inclusion across the firm here, and also read about some of the ways we're engaging with our communities here. Some of our current environmental activities are set out below.


An integral part of our ESG strategy is our commitment to continually improving our environmental performances, ensuring we reduce the environmental impacts of our business and operate in a sustainable manner to play our part in preserving our environment for our clients, employees and future generations.

This responsibility sits with our dedicated Environmental Committee, in turn supported by Environmental Champions, volunteers from across our business, who work together to promote employee engagement in environmental issues.

To provide a meaningful focus for our efforts, we are currently in the process of an externally-led environmental audit of our business operations in order to obtain an audited calculation of our carbon footprint. We will use this to create a credible and achievable net zero strategy and action plan, all of which will be reported annually.

This is about how we run all aspects of our business. We are committed to sustainable procurement, set out in policy, and is an integral component of all the supplier contracts we place.

To help us on our journey, we have partnered with a number of leading organisations and initiatives dedicated to making our world a better place.

We are very proud to be the first Scottish law firm to have become a signatory to the Terra Carta which provides a roadmap to 2030 for businesses to move towards an ambitious and sustainable future; one that will harness the power of nature combined with the transformative power, innovation and resources of the private sector.

The 'Terra Carta' offers the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation – one that will harness the precious, irreplaceable power of Nature combined with the transformative innovation and resources of the private sector.” - HRH The Prince of Wales

We are the first law firm to have partnered with Pawprint, an environmental impact app, to help staff measure their carbon footprint both at work and at home. The App provides an easy and interactive way for us to understand the changes we can all make to lead a more sustainable life and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are engaged in initiatives with The Chancery Lane Project, a pro bono initiative that brings legal professionals together to collaborate and rewrite contracts and laws, in order to support communities and businesses in fighting climate change and achieving net zero carbon emissions. We have also adopted some of the clauses produced by CLP in our own business, particularly in respect of our sustainability procurement policy. We want to be at the forefront of changing mindsets and having new, innovative and environmentally-friendly legal agreements across a wide range of areas.

We are members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, an inclusive movement of law firms committed to working collaboratively to take action to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations and activities.

Alan McMillan, Head of Property Litigation, is a signatory to the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations. The campaign is a global commitment to making sustainable change to how arbitrations are managed, reducing their environmental impact.