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Latest Legal News

Latest Legal News

Consultations present a basket full of issues for the food and drink sector

Proper consultation is not a word that many associate with the Brexit process in Westminster.

However it does seem to be in vogue when it comes to the food and drink sector, particularly in Scotland. Indeed, given the number of consultations currently running, you could be forgiven for thinking Brexit wasn’t really happening.

Perhaps it is an impressive demonstration of the wheels of government still turning on other pressing issues.  But will businesses be able to focus on the issues raised by these consultations when they have Brexit to deal with?

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Is the Abandoned Baby British?

When I come in to the office in the mornings, I’m usually very early and tend to start the day by making a coffee and skimming the news headlines. This morning, my eyes were drawn to the heart breaking headline about a newborn baby who was found abandoned in a towel on a park bench in London.

When speaking about the story to colleagues, the Partner I report to in the immigration team overheard our discussion and asked what we thought was a very odd and unusual question - what nationality is the baby?

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