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Top Tips For Getting Your Plot Plan Registered

Top Tips For Getting Your Plot Plan Registered

One of the main aims of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 (which came into force on 8 December 2014) is to capture the exact details of who owns what land in Scotland on the map-based Land Register.  The map used is the Ordnance Survey map.  The final destination should be user friendly and transparent however, perhaps inevitably, we are all experiencing some turbulence en route.

Specific issues have arisen with plans – and the detail to be shown - when a deed is presented to Registers of Scotland (“RoS”) to register the title for a brand new plot within a new development.  We have been working with RoS to establish exactly what our deed plans for new developments - commercial and residential - need to show and we would like to share this with you.

Our tips are:

  1. Do not use the term “Location Plan”.  Do use the term “Site Plan”.
  2. The Site Plan becomes larger (rather than being a box in the corner).  
  3. The Site Plan needs to show the boundaries of the plot and as much existing surrounding detail (such as houses, roads, fences, a church or other public building) to allow the plot to be plotted on the Ordnance Survey map.  The emphasis is on existing features i.e. those outwith the new development.  Including the new roads within the development will not be sufficient as they may not yet appear on the Ordnance Survey map.  Particularly for large, greenfield sites, this may involve using a smaller scale e.g. 1:5000/1:10000 but this will very much depend on the location of the development.
  4. You will probably also need an Inset Plan at a larger scale.  You will need this if the Site Plan does not show sufficient detail of small areas e.g. bin stores, common areas, balconies and roof terraces.  A suggested scale for the Inset Plan is 1:250 but this will vary depending on how much detail we need to show.

All plans need to show a north point and the scale used but these are not new requirements.

We are happy to chat through the RoS deed plan requirements with you and your architects.

Scott Peterkin