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We Know What You Mean

We Know What You Mean

What does success look like to the client? That must always be our starting point. It’s only if we understand that, can we deliver a smart legal analysis or clever strategy to unlock it. And we have to keep testing our solutions against the client’s objectives.

It is this approach that has propelled our DR practice to the front of the pack. We get it when a client needs to keep their defaulting supplier in business or sees an opportunity to sell goods through a retailer found to be infringing trade marks. We get it when they see a strategic benefit in putting a JV partner out of business or bankrupting a director to remove them from a Board. It isn’t through telepathy or mind-reading. It is through the approach we bring to every challenge. We build a relationship with our clients so that we know the right questions before we help them develop the answers.

The Harris Tweed Authority is charged by an Act of Parliament (an Act we helped write, by the way) with protecting this precious but fragile industry which is so vital to the economy of the Outer Hebrides. This approach has allowed us to work with Harris Tweed in a long term relationship, safeguarding their industry. Our relationship is born out of spending time in their offices, boardroom, mills and shops. That way when a threat to them arises, we understand not just the problem, but the context.

The Harris Tweed Authority continually has to make judgements on where to direct its resource and energy. Should it invest in new brand guidelines or a promotion drive in emerging markets? Should they take on a High Street retailer whose products are sailing too close to the wind? Through our in depth understanding of their priorities and what risks may lie unseen over their horizon, we can be involved in these decisions.

Listening to you allows us to understand what you really mean. 

Colin Hulme