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Norway Flag

I cannot claim to speak Norwegian. But over many years of visiting and working in Norway, I do know the meaning of the word hytte. And, for me, it sums up Norway, its people and what I love about Norway.

Literally translated, the hytte is a hut. A mountain cabin.  But to the Norwegian people it is so much more. It is at the heart of Norwegian life, a doorway to the great outdoors and a symbol of the Norwegian psyche.

For the majority of Norwegians, countless weekends and holidays are spent at the family hytte. An escape to the country, yes. But an escape with family and friends.

The rhythm of Norway strikes a balance between work and family. Where work and family commitments are shared. Where the beating drum of the industry of the cities through the week cedes to the quieter pulse of untouched fjords and mountains through the weekend.

And that’s what I love about Norway. 

Jamie Stark