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Israel Flag

For a country the size of Wales, Israel is a land of aspiration and contradiction. Both ancient and modern at the same time– simultaneously immersed in its cultural past and its technological future.

It’s a melting pot of cultural and religious influences. In some ways, Israel is defined by being like every other country...only more so. A land that despite its connection to ancient traditions, was the first to require that its banknotes have braille markings on them and has the highest rate of entrepreneurship among women in the world. An environment that has the highest rate of people in university education and has led the world in the development of stem cell surgery, the mobile phone, voicemail and autonomous car technology. 

Israel goes about its business with the volume turned up to 11. Passions run high, people have strong views. Ambition is not a characteristic; it’s a lifestyle!  

Nick Naddell