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India Flag

The film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Ma distils India’s charm and bottles it perfectly. Still adored 20 years after its initial release, young pretenders throw coins at the screen during their favourite scenes of this timeless romantic fable, waiting for their own big break.

From the billionaires in the making to the Bollywood stars, it is a vibrant country alive with opportunity. Nothing brings this to life more than the rickshaws on one side of the road and Range Rovers on the other. The corrugated iron suburbs, colonial buildings and glass skyscrapers that make up the streets of Mumbai stand side by side, proud and charming. And the tiffin boxes – delivered by the tiffin wallahs – mean that Mumbai’s workforce receives a piping hot, home-cooked lunch every weekday. A system built on punctuality, teamwork, honesty and sincerity they have a success rate of 99.99% and often find themselves lecturing for global corporations.

Brian Archer
Director of Business Development