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Houston. A place that icons as diverse as Beyoncé, The Undertaker, AJ Foyt and Jeff Bezos call home – a city of contrasts.  A city where the Houston Symphony Orchestra shares space with ZZ Top.  High-end fashion boutiques sit comfortably side by side with traditional ranching stores where cowboy boots and Stetsons still have their place. The 18,000 year old Buffalo Bayou, 52 miles of slow-moving waterway and parkland contrasts with the JP Morgan Tower – the tallest five sided building on the planet.  Literary festivals are as common as the rodeo and its gastronomy can take you anywhere in the world.  

Its diversity is as true in business as it is in popular culture. Science, the home of NASA and the commercial space race. The beating heart of advances in healthcare and the centre of the oil and gas universe - there is nothing this city cannot do.

Helen Dickson