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Based on conversations with business leaders drawn from across industry and a range of sectors, From Introvert to Extrovert is a thought leadership paper on the future of pensions.

Sarah Phillips, Head of Pensions outlines why pensions can be a positive force for your company:

The paper sets out how:

●      Aligning pensions and profits is perfectly possible

●      Engagement and technology are the key to a dynamic pensions strategy

It is sympathetic to the impact of competing pressures on companies:

●      The costly drain of pension contributions

●      Increasing ethical responsibilities around pension provision

●      A complex and restrictive regulatory framework

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Corporate Takeaways


Create a plan to ensure employees can afford to retire and businesses can invest for future success


Be savvy in dealmaking exploiting investor and buyer opportunities


Deal with legacy liabilities through innovative funding structures

Embrace the ethical responsibility
of auto enrolment to employees on long term financial planning and investment choices, particularly ethical and ESG funds


Keep engagement relevant
Embrace technology but keep it human



We’re here to help
If any of these issues resonate with you we would love to explore how these positive strategies might work for you

Launch the paper
Iona Bain, Young Money Agency explains how companies can best engage the next generation on pensions
We hope you enjoy this paper. We’d love to help you engage your employees and build a profitable future through pensions.

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