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Corporate Crime

Corporate Crime

Rona Jamieson

Organisations are under ever increasing scrutiny and enforcement is on the rise.  Whether your organisation is a victim or is accused of committing a crime, the consequences and associated reputational damage can be fatal.  Our corporate crime team advises on all aspects of white collar crime including bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering and on the proceeds of crime.

Our expertise in contentious regulatory matters ensures that we can respond quickly to provide advice and assistance on how to deal with suspected wrongdoing immediately it comes to light.

We can:

  • assist with carrying out comprehensive internal investigations
  • produce high level incident investigation reports providing a detailed analysis of the causes of the incident, allowing lessons to be learned and remedial action to be taken
  • advise on whether  to make a self report to the Regulatory Authorities and  if so, how that should be done
  • represent clients in negotiations with Regulatory Authorities whether in self-reporting or enforcement scenarios
  • assist with managing compliance and modifying  internal procedures  to ensure that regulatory  breaches do not recur
  • guide and support clients in investigations carried out by  Regulatory Authorities offering practical advice at each stage to afford clients maximum protection for their business and staff
  • represent clients where matters proceed to enforcement such as with  prosecution or in negotiations for civil settlement.

Successful management of these issues helps minimise reputational and commercial damage; allows corporate clients to continue in and to grow their business and ultimately enhances their reputation through demonstrating commitment to regulatory compliance.