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Directors' accountability in a digital era

Directors' accountability in a digital era

Over the past 18 months we have been inundated with news stories about companies getting themselves into hot water – to name just a few, we have Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Carillion and British Airways’ data breach. But it’s not just the companies (and their clients and creditors) who have suffered as a result – in some of these circumstances the company directors are also being held accountable for the actions that they did (or did not) take.

It is clearly set out in law and in the Corporate Governance Code that directors can be held personally liable for their own actions (or inactions). The companies, shareholders, and in certain circumstances third parties are all owed a duty of care by the directors and so directors can have a liability to them all! There is no way of escaping this!

So the question becomes: what can you, as a director, do to navigate a way through your company’s risks, compliance obligations and security threats whilst taking into account your personal accountability and ensuring the success of the company in a modern and competitive business world?

Perhaps we can help! On Wednesday 3 April 2019 Net Defence, the Institute of Directors and Burness Paull are providing a half day workshop on Directors’ Accountabilities in a Digital Era. 

We aim to help you understand the risk levels that your organisation faces and identity where you can make changes to protect your individual legal accountabilities as a director. The session will cover your legal accountabilities, duties and liabilities while also providing some helpful myth busting and tips for evaluating your company’s risk and to ensure it is fully informed and compliant. 

To find out more about the event and book your place, please click here. I look forward to seeing you there!

By Fiona Davidson

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