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Designed For Life

knivesThe Schweizer Offiziersmesser or Swiss Army knife. It’s a classic of industrial design - an object that simultaneously symbolises precision and functionality. It’s defined by its purpose – practical and adaptable - evolved over the last 135 years to suit the changing needs of its users (you can even get them with laser pointers, flash drive and Bluetooth). And in an increasingly disposable world, reassuringly the Swiss Army knife is guaranteed for life. That’s why it’s a reference point for us.

Everything we do is tested against these qualities.

We understand that being a lawyer is just as much about identifying opportunity as it is about excluding risk. Outcome is more important than theory. Simplification trumps complexity every day of the week. Collaboration beats just providing advice. And a relationship is much more important to us than an instruction.

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New York, Oslo, Tel Aviv, Houston, Beijing. Five cities where we don't have offices. Five cities where we have done business in the last twelve months (there are another 55).


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