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New York, Oslo, Cairo, Calgary, Palo Alto. Five cities where we don't have offices. Five cities where we have done business over the last twelve months (there are another 55).

So how do we do it?

Our Scottish, UK and International clients come to us for our expertise, deep resource and market intimacy. They want the same service wherever they do business. Firms with highly developed technical skills that are connected to their markets by more than a branch office.

That's why we have invested heavily in developing relationships with the best firms across the world. Firms that we know well. Firms that share our ethos. Firms with whom we have a track record of collaboration.

We have devised a protocol that means we can project manage international deals - one instruction, one letter of engagement and one fee.

And many of our best clients are the leading law firms in other jurisdictions (it takes one to know one). They come to us for our technical expertise and our ability to manage projects for them here.

Local, yes. Parochial, no way José.