Resilience in the Third Sector

The current uncertainty with the ongoing pandemic has meant that lots of organisations are looking at ways to future-proof their operations. The Third Sector is no exception, and we have seen many examples of ways in which the sector is adapting to try, as far as possible, to safeguard against the uncertain times which lie ahead.

Listen to our experts as they explore resilience in the sector and get you up–to-speed quickly on latest developments.

Mergers and consortia

Are you concerned that your charity might struggle in the post-pandemic world? Are you considering protecting the core of what you do by looking at different means of structuring your operations? If so, you might have considered merging with a complementary third sector organisation or pooling resources as part of a consortium arrangement. Gillian Harkness talks you through some of the practical and technical considerations with a view to demystifying what is involved.

Trading subsidiaries and growing commercial income

There’s never been a better time to look at ways to grow potential income for your organisation. Rhona McAdam looks at the parameters for third sector organisations and the use of trading subsidiaries as a vehicle for growing future income generating activities.

Alliance contracting

The tightening of the budgetary taps post-Covid19 highlights the importance of finding new ways of working to make the most of scarce funds. Graeme Palmer discusses the role of alliance contracting – where the public sector buyers and third sector providers work collaboratively – in the delivery of services to those in need.

Future of working environments and wellbeing

We are joined by Craig Ali at Total Health to discuss current working environments and how to build a culture of wellbeing under the current circumstances. He will also discuss what changes we could see in the future.

Employment update

Morag Hutchison delivers a session on key employment law developments that the third sector needs to be aware of – particularly in light of the furlough scheme coming to an end in the near future.