A career in oil and gas? You might think of a driller.

Someone on a platform, in the middle of the North Sea with freezing temperatures. However, there is so much more to working in oil and gas and I’m writing this to tell you about so many other exciting opportunities in the energy sector and why you should be a part of it.

As an industry, we don’t talk about careers in the energy sector for young people that often. When I was at school it was bad, really bad, but I would like to think we are better now. We are more engaged, more involved, more open to talk about our sector and what it can offer the next generation.

I have been working in the energy sector since graduating back in 2011 with a law degree from the University of Aberdeen.

I’ve held various roles but it has not been until the last few years, while working at the Net Zero Technology Centre and at Burness Paull, that I have realised the breadth of careers available in the sector and the opportunities that lie ahead for us as lawyers as we embrace our net zero future.

Right now the energy sector is at a real turning point. Oil and gas is changing and we are on the path to net zero. It is a challenging path, but it is also full of opportunities for everyone to be involved and make a difference.

So we need to continue to encourage and inspire. We need our schools, colleges and universities to promote the opportunities for the next generation to ensure that we achieve our net zero goals. We need to showcase STEM and be proud of our sector. We need to do more. We need to act.

For the energy sector to embrace the change to net zero we need a wide range of professionals. This includes inquisitive, high performing lawyers who understand how the energy landscape is changing and can support the sector to achieve net zero responsibly and effectively.

I am passionate about the role that lawyers have in helping to deliver the energy transition. It is an exciting space to work in as there is a real appetite for change with new technologies, new businesses and new legislation all coming into play.

Whether you are just graduating from university or college or have been working for some time, I would encourage you to explore to see what the energy sector can offer you.

We currently have an opening in our energy team, click here to find out more.

Iain McLean, Trainee Solicitor, Net Zero Technology Centre on secondment to Burness Paull.