This briefing note contains all of the information contained in our updates on the Government guidance to date and since the last version of our briefing note (on 24 April), this note has been updated to include the following information from the government guidance issued on 30 April and 1 May:-

  • representatives may undertake duties and activities for the purpose of individual or collective representation of the workforce without breaking furlough;
  • when calculating some statutory leave pay entitlements, an employer may need to calculate an employee’s average weekly earnings differently than normal if the employee was furloughed and started leave on or after 25 April 2020;
  • a revision of the relevant date for TUPE transfers and payroll consolidation from 19 March back to 28 February 2020; and
  • confirmation that each period of furlough can be extended for any period of time i.e. furlough does not need to be extend by an additional 3 weeks each time.

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