On lockdown, it initially felt like the deals world stopped turning.

In many sectors, such as private equity, the majority of transactions went on hold and everyone’s focus was on immediate operational challenges.

Things, however, started moving again far quicker than we anticipated may be the case, and we have had the pleasure of working with our clients on progressing deals while working from home.

In terms of the activity we have seen:

  • Venture and development capital investments particularly in tech businesses continue without too much interruption.
  • Private equity is very much on the look-out for deals – in particular opportunistic bolt-ons are certainly viable at the moment.
  • For certain deals – particularly those involving new funding - “new normal” trading through Q4 is likely to be needed to enable sufficiently clear cashflow and trading projections to be prepared.
  • Sectors that are not impacted by discretionary consumer spending are understandably proving to be particularly robust.
  • Renewable energy transactions have continued apace.
  • The availability of CBILs and other government support is capable of being more widely accessed than was initially anticipated.

So, there are deals to be done, and investors and funders who are looking to do them.

Who knows what is going to happen from here, but it is feeling positive, and we are looking forward to supporting our clients as they make the most of the opportunities that are undoubtedly out there.

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