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Welcome to Scotland's Urban AGE

We are living in the century of the city.

For the first time in human history more people live in cities than the countryside - by 2050 it could be 70% of the global population.

Scotland's Urban Age is a major research project commissioned by Burness Paull and delivered by Glasgow Urban Laboratory at the Glasgow School of Art to provide businesses and public sector decision-makers with new insights into Scotland's principal cities, and to stimulate debate and discussion on their future roles and prospects.

This document is interested in the nature, character and performance of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh individually and as a group of cities in Scotland, their fitness to participate within their immediate city systems (in Scotland, the UK and Europe) and the challenges and opportunities they face. Although some degree of comparison is inevitable, it is not the purpose to rank the individual cities but rather to consider the collective performance of urban Scotland in the knowledge age.

Thanks are due to the Directorate of the Glasgow School of Art, the Heads of Research & Enterprise, the Mackintosh School of Architecture and to the Project Board for the Glasgow Urban Laboratory.

We hope the report will inspire you to play your part in the debate on how we can all contribute to helping shape Scotland's AGE cities.

You can download the full report, executive summary and watch video commentaries on the findings by clicking here.

28 September 18