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Latest Legal News

Latest Legal News

Scots Succession Law: Changing to Reflect the Modern Day Family

The Scottish Government has launched a further consultation on the Law of Succession – picking up on the substantive issues which were set to the side when the more technical aspects of reform were dealt with in 2016 – with responses having to be submitted by the 10th May.

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The first things you need to know about enforcing IPR in Scotland

Whilst almost all substantive IP legislation and case law applies in Scotland the same as it does in the rest of the UK, the court procedure for enforcement of those rights is very different.  

In this series of briefing notes we will explain some of the peculiarities of enforcing IP in Scotland.  Hopefully we can provide you with an overview so that when you need to enforce IP in Scotland, you are aware of the main issues to consider and pitfalls to avoid.

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Misbehaving Employees: Who Faces the Penalties?

Andrew Clark

What do you do if one of your employees refuses to obey your reasonable instructions?

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