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When Life Gives you Lemons (or Brexit...) It’s Time to get out the Gin!

When Life Gives you Lemons (or Brexit...) It’s Time to get out the Gin!

When you think of all the things Scots gave the world, from TV to penicillin to the North Coast 500 (and arguably Outlander), we are a rare bunch of creative exporters.  International strategy is key for Burness Paull.  A substantial part of our business is in acting for clients doing business beyond our boundaries. The food and drink industry is a sector which remains buoyant with positive news on the back of rising exports, and our food and drink sector experts work with clients to achieve this international success.

The Scottish Government recently reported an 11% increase in food and drink exports in the first quarter of 2017, generating around £1.2 billion.  A niche area of that sector which is booming is Scottish Gin.  With annual gin sales smashing through the £1 billion barrier for the first time in the UK the drinks industry declared 2016 the “year of gin”.  70% of the gin made in the UK is produced in Scotland so it is a large market with huge export potential as countries such as the US develop a thirst.

In celebration of the industry and in recognition of many businesses’ hard work and ingenuity, the first Scottish Gin Awards were held in Glasgow on 14 September 2017.  Burness Paull had the pleasure of being there.  There was no hint of complacency amongst the businesses, where burgeoning brands and high quality products reflected innovation and adaptation to customer trends: characteristics that will be fundamental to remaining competitive during and after Brexit.  From a legal perspective it was a reminder that lawyers need to adopt a similar mind set.

The message from the Scottish Gin Awards was clear – there is so much more to come for the food and drink sector in Scotland and if a lot of that is gin, that can only be a good thing!

Lynne Gray

Burness admin