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New Ideas, New Partnerships, New Parties Round The Dinner Table

New Ideas, New Partnerships, New Parties Round The Dinner Table

New Year is always a good time to look at things differently, to review objectives and set new goals.  We have to consider what challenges we may encounter and how best they can be overcome.

The need to innovate to achieve objectives has been a challenge for the property development sector since the credit crunch tore up the old rule book.  In order to deliver development in the current climate we need to be prepared to think differently.

In Aberdeen, we are fortunate to be operating in a buoyant oil and gas sector which is fuelling demand for new and better accommodation to meet its business needs.  The additional resource required by the sector may need to be encouraged to relocate to the city.  This means more housing and new infrastructure, but above all a public realm that is welcoming and inspiring.

So how can Aberdeen achieve its objective of revitalising the city centre in a changed financial climate?  There are many ways to skin a cat (allegedly) and now perhaps just as many ways to procure development.  If stakeholders across the public and private sector work together effectively, new relationships can be forged, new solutions will be found, and new and exciting opportunities will emerge.

New ideas, new partnerships, new parties round the dinner table.

So now, Look Who’s Coming To Dinner...

If you have not booked your seat yet, you can join us on Wednesday 22 January 2014 at The Tivoli Theatre to discuss what Aberdeen can and should do to regenerate the city centre.

Richard Goodfellow