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Don’t Let Your IP Walk Out The Door

Don’t Let Your IP Walk Out The Door

Colin Hulme

Protecting your IP is a crucial issue for all businesses: we are familiar with the importance of ensuring a rival is not copying your company name or logo.  But what if the threat to your IP is closer to home?

Our contentious IP team are advising an increasing number of clients who are managing the risk of IP being exploited by former employees and consultants.

To highlight the importance of this issue, I wrote a series of briefing notes aiming to better inform our clients of this threat and to allow them to put in place some safeguards to protect their IP.

In the first note in this series, we looked at the types of intellectual property which an employee might create during the course of their employment. This IP may also be created by consultants (individuals or service companies) engaged by the company to perform specific or specialist roles.

When it comes to ownership of IP, the position of consultants is different to that of employees. This second note highlighted the key differences, and offers suggestions to ensure that your company is adequately protected, from contractors working in inventive/creative roles.

In our third and final note, we focused more specifically on how a company can maximise its protection surrounding technology and patents.

Links to the notes are below so please have a read, along with a link to my article recently published in The Scotsman, stressing the importance of protecting intangible assets

I hope you find them useful and if you would like any further information get in touch.

Colin Hulme


Employee Creations: Don’t Let Your IP Walk Out The Door - Part 1

Consultant Creations: Don’t Let Your IP Walk Out The Door - Part 2

Employee Inventions: Don’t Let Your IP Walk Out The Door - Part 3

Businesses Must Protect Intangible Assets Too - The Scotsman, 30 December 2013